M-1 – English

Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science

Upcoming Course Dates
12–28 August 2019
Rodents - If too much participants, possibility to have an additional group from 26th to 28th for the practical training - lecture from 12th to 16th August
Zürich, UZH Campus Irchel
Registration until 29.07.2019
21–30 October 2019
rodents - only for scientists from Basel
Basel, Novartis

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13–22 January 2020
Zürich, UZH Campus Irchel

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M-1 – English

Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science

5 days, FELASA category B accredited
Learning Objectives, Form, Scope

This education gives expertise and practical skills for a responsible and gentle handling of laboratory animals (according to the Swiss legislation). In this course you will learn the handling and the techniques in laboratory rodent (mouse and rat). This introductory course takes a total of 40 hours and is divided in a theoretical and practical part of about 20 hours each.

Training concept: the limited number of hours gives no extensive knowledge and routine in the execution of the learned techniques. The participants need to be made aware about the animal welfare aspects before, during and after the experiment in order to use these in the everyday laboratory work. Acquired skills and practical competence will be evaluated.

A written exam must be taken at the end of the course to validate the acquisition of knowledge. This examination is required by Swiss law.


Theoretical part:
- Ethics and legislation
- Anaesthesia and pain alleviation
- Nutrition, transport and husbandry - Biostatistics
- Health
- Breeding
- Transgenic techniques
- Pain assessment and Humane Endpoints
- 3R und alternative methods

Practical part:
- Handling with mice and rats
- Restraining methods
- Applications
- Observation of normal behavior
- Behavioral abnormalities
- Anaesthesia (Inhalation / Injection)
- Collection of samples (blood)
- applied 3Rs (Refine)
- Identification
- Euthanasia

Accreditation and Recognition

This course is approved by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office  as official education in Switzerland for experimenters and is also accredited by the FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) according to the functions of the EU Directive (functions A, C, D and modules 10, 20, 21).

Criteria for the Participation

Because of the use of live animals in this training, the participant must be involved in the near future in animal experimentation. In order to give the possibility to the authorities to check this, we ask for the name of the study director and the license number in the registration form.

Course Fees

Universities in Switzerland: CHF: 1'400.-
Industry, external person and institutions from abroad: CHF 1'900.-

More details in http://www.ltk.uzh.ch/en/teaching-and-training/Overview.html

Please note that we will charge you the full fees in case of a late cancellation of the course (within 3 weeks before start of the course) or in case of absence. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform the organizer of the course about the cancellation before the deadline of 3 weeks before the course to avoid the billing of the course. To charge for cancellations is common practice by other providers, too. The new proceedings for education courses became necessary due to an increasing extent of short term cancellations in training modules.


Insurance is responsibility of each participant.